Frequently asked questions

Ways To Pay

What types of payments do you accept?

Cryptocurrency Our top rated, way to pay, by popular demand for secure and anonymous payments has set a course for cryptocurrency payment methods. We currently accept Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin in a peer to peer environment which is simply a wallet to wallet transfer. You can find more information on these options by clicking here.
Credit/Debit Cards We also accept credit card payments. However, cardholder credentials must be verified in advance and a credit card authorization form will need to be signed by the primary cardholder. Contact us for details.

Lead Times

How long does it take to get the art ready?

Producing a fine art piece and all related items associated with it is between 3-7 business days. These articles are handmade to order which require a time to build and are in addition to the delivery times posted.


How long will it take for delivery?

FedEx Ground Transit Times USA & Canada
FedEx Ground 5-10 business days transit time International from USA
FedEx Ground 10-30 business days transit time & customs clearance

What carrier do you use for the shipment?

FedEx Ground worldwide.

How is the art packaged?

Handling conditions are always with powder & latex free, FDA compliant Nitrile gloves. Substrates go through a 48 hour dehumidification process and are contained in a humidity controlled environment before and after ink is applied then hermetically sealed for shipment.
Each fine art piece is hermetically sealed and securely suspended flat between two smooth, rigid wooden framed panels to help eliminate transit damage and ensure you receive your art in the same condition as it was at the maker’s studio. The certification index is contained securely on the exterior of the shipping crate behind its own protective flat panel enclosure and weather pack sealed.

Can I request the art be shipped rolled to save on shipping costs?

Yes. Just drop us a note at checkout and we will contact you with the updated shipping cost and refund the difference at time of shipment. Special Note: Choosing this method requires two seperate shipments, one for the art and one for the index of certification documents.

Returns & Exchanges

What is your refund and exchange policy?

Find all details at this link: Click here

Buyer Protection

What if my shipment gets lost or damaged?

Shipment loss or damage during transit is covered by our buyer protection policy. In the event of loss we will provide buyer an exact art piece, fully noting on the certificate of authenticity of the new art work, that the art you are receiving, is the original of the numbered edition purchased and disclosing the lost print number is no longer valid. Damaged items will be replaced in the same manner and both at our expense.