Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Limited edition print from Florence, Italy's visionary Londa R. Marks Tarocchi deck, Kismet, Way Of The Sword.


This is a digitized composition, primary market fine art asset from an original digital medium illustration originally designed for the Kismet, Way Of the Sword tarot deck which maintains a similar theme throughout all 80 illustrations.

Theme Highlights

The choice is always:

“La Folie ou L’Alchimiste : Madness or Alchemist.”

Typically shown as a Jester or The Fool, the harlequin character in 0 “Kismet, Way Of The Sword,” is one of several harlequin’s throughout the deck that shows up when we need them — need them, not necessarily want them.

Kismet’s trunk is always packed for the next adventure and carries a large key because Kismet’s travels and risks have brought large knowledge - a key to making new decisions. A crow flies along for the ride paying his way by revealing omens.

This piece depicts a visionary perspective in relation to the metaphysics of the divine wisdom derived from the harlequin. The harlequin symbolizes a soul’s journey; fate, destiny. It is a play, a stage, scenes, possibilities, affirmations and mythological messages powered by belief. This piece provides a calming earthy balance to any decor and unique focal point for meditation or intellectual conversation.


  • Surrealism

  • Montage

  • Fantasy

  • Eclectic

  • Metaphysical

Specifications - Click Here For All Details

  • Limited Edition of 21

  • Dimensions: 24.00" wide x 40.00" long, 1" border

  • Certificate of authenticity

  • Mounting is not available for this item

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