Path To Paradiso

Way Of The Sword, Path to Paradiso

The ancient name of the street, Via della Spada, in Florence, Italy where artist Londa Marks studio is located, was in fact via San Pancrazio, which was changed under the Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo to its current name: Via della Spada (Way Of The Sword), for unknown reasons. Guido Carocci speculated that there may have been a tavern or another sign that had a sword as its emblem. The Chiesa di San Pancrazio at Piazza di San Pancrazio (Via della Spada mid section) building now hosting Museo Marino Marini, was built in the early Christian era by Charlemagne. It was recorded in AD 93. Dante Alighieri's Limbo is a few blocks away from Via della Spada at PIAZZA DEL LIMBO (Limbo Square) on Borgo Santi Apostoli - across the street from where Londa stayed upon first arrival in Florence. VIA DEL PURGATORIO (Purgatory Road) is linked nearby via dell’Inferno VIA DELL’INFERNO (HELL STREET) where there was the Osteria dell’Inferno (Hell Tavern). Pancras of Rome (San Pancrazio) name is Greek and means "the one that holds everything." He lived during the years 289-304 (died age 14). Parents: Cleonius & Cyriada This digital print featuring rock bass legend and songwriter Pete Way with Supreme poet Dante Alighieri's nine circles, was created for Kismet, Way of The Sword project, by artist Londa R. Marks whose art studio is located on Via della Spada.



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